Designed for Regulated Distribution

We use technology that everyone is familiar with so that the distribution of regulated products can be simple, sophisticated, and better by design.

Meet Verified Convenience™

Imagine going to your local ATM and being able to take out money from the machine by simply scanning your palm. Now imagine doing that for all your regulated product needs.

The Verified Identity Dispenser (VID), employs proprietary technology and software based on advanced vascular biometrics to provide safe and secure access to the controlled substances locked inside. The VID is a secure, integrated retail platform for regulated products.

Identify top-selling products
Track consumer purchasing patterns
Visualize trends in the market
Measure data and plan for growth
Competitive quality and price
Advanced security features and biometrics
Refrigerated for temperature control

The Result: A secure revenue maximizing system that will allow access to regulated products for all legal age consumers, reduce overhead, and maintain high product quality standards.

Our Solution

Key Features

  • · PalmSecure™ Biometric Reader
  • · Modular Units
  • · Reinforced Cabinet
  • · Fully Programmable API
  • · Seismic Anchoring System
  • · Seed-to-Sale Integration
  • · Built-In CCTV Camera
  • · Cloud Networked Data
  • · Shatter-Proof 24" Touch Screen
  • · High-Speed Router
  • · Security Alarm System

Each legal age consumer that uses the VID gets access to an ecosystem that is custom-developed for all security, data privacy, and compliance requirements. This ensures that public health and safety is upheld while making it as convenient as possible to use.

VID systems are designed to offer a discreet convenient and informed  experience
for return

Closed-Circuit TV
CCTV and internal cameras provide additional layers of security for consumers and for monitoring inventory replenishment and maintenance activities
A Public Health & Safety Platform
Broadcast public health and safety media directly to consumers. The VID provides an effective means to communicate information to consumers, and allows for complete traceability of products from production to consumption.
Touchscreen Display
Get in-depth product information and promote consumer well-being.
The screen also keeps products hidden from view, and visible again only when a registered user is verified.
Fully Programmable
Enforce purchase limits with time controlled settings. Internal and external alarms deter break-ins and damage to equipment.
Biometric Reader
Powered by Fujitsu, the biometric reader provides the most secure, accurate, and reliable identity authentication method for serving all industries.
Payment Tools
Anti-card skimming readers will prevent fraud and reduce the risk for tampering with unattended payment terminals
Reinforced Electronic Lock
For increased security, a reinforced two-step locking mechanism will prevent unauthorized access to the machine. Registered inventory management and maintenance personnel will use their biometrics to authenticate, then proceed with a manual key.
Internal and External Security
Custom developed for all security, data privacy, and compliance requirements. This ensures that the public health framework is upheld while making it as convenient as possible to use.
Built-In Security Features
Each VID is stabilized with a seismic anchoring system to prevent tipping, and outfitted with a GPS beacon and an uninterrupted power supply to deter theft.

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