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For Restricted Products

Imagine going to your local bank machine and being able to take out money from the machine by simply scanning your palm. Now imagine doing that for all your restricted product needs. No long lines to wait in, just fast, verified access. No need to worry about your bank card, a 4-digit pin or complicated password.

We call it Verified Convenience™

Meet Verified Convenience™

Our technology solutions provide faster, safer, and more convenient access to restricted products in both urban and rural areas. With our secure platform, we can protect everyone's right to access quality-controlled products.

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Integrated Software

Our data-driven distribution platform combines
tamper-proof hardware, biometric access controls, and proprietary cloud-based software to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

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Advanced Biometric

Our solutions are safe and secure. We employ proprietary technology and software based on biometric systems to provide verified access to the controlled substances locked inside. Our technology ensures that the right person has access to the right products at the right time.

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Health Awareness is at Our Core

We're committed to ensuring the health and safety of the public.

The VID system’s large touchscreen interface allows for an effective platform for digital signage and presenting health awareness media.

We use technology that everyone's familiar with to make cannabis distribution simple yet sophisticated.

Making Cannabis Distribution Safe, Secure, and Intuitive by Design.

Provide Legal Cannabis at Scale

Imagine going to your local ATM and being able to take out money from the machine by simply scanning your palm. Now, imagine doing that for your cannabis, pharmaceutical needs or other controlled substances.

Military-Grade Biometrics

Access to regulated products is controlled though finger vein authentication, creating a biometric signature protected for each and every user.

Maximum Oversight and Control

The VID collects a wide range of consumer data (i.e., transaction history/frequency, location, inventory levels, etc.), while tracking cannabis products from production to distribution.