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Dispension Industries is changing the way people access restricted products, by making the transaction safe, secure, and convenient. Through the use of contactless, self-service kiosks and smart lockers equipped with advanced biometrics, Dispension Industries is empowering people by giving them more autonomy over the restricted products they access.

Safe and Accessible Distribution

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The future of restricted product distribution is here.

Our secure distribution platforms are equipped with biometric technology that enables accurate verification of a user's identity before allowing them to access the products stored safely inside. Dispension’s technology is built to improve operational efficiencies for restricted product distributors while providing valuable insights into consumer behaviours.

Our platform unlocks many benefits such as increased access, reduced overhead costs, controlled and scalable distribution, and discreet low-barrier purchasing.

We call it Verified Convenience™

Meet Verified Convenience™

A secure, fully integrated retail platform to safely distribute regulated products.

Consumer Insights
Increased Profitability
Autonomous Distribution
Contactless Transactions
Convenient, Verified Access
Turn-Key Solution

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Secure Distribution Platform

Enroll in minutes and use in seconds. We’re transforming the way regulated products are accessed, securely distributed and/or sold to verified registered users.


Access to restricted products
is controlled by contactless biometric authentication systems,  and protected by AES 256-bit encryption.

Unified Commerce Ecosystem

Unified commerce is the future of retail. It goes beyond omni-channel by breaking down the walls between internal channel silos to create a seamless experience for the user.

“Our technology has a profound impact on the people it serves. From destigmatizing treatments for those living with substance use disorder, to empowering people by putting them in control of the restricted products they access, our technology is providing real life solutions”

Corey Yantha
President & Founder, Dispension Industries Inc.
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We work with forward-thinking authorities, organizations and public health and safety agencies.

Our data-driven technology is supported by best-in-class scientific research, and is championed by industry leaders throughout the world.

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